Friday, April 3, 2009


To me this bedroom is perfect. Cosy, personal and intimate. Great styling Living etc!
Also some pics from my own bedroom. It's very small (which I prefere a bedroom to be)
and there is not much stuff in there besides the bed, a String pocket shelf and an old chair. Wallpaper on two walls by Ferm Living. What I love most about this room is the light. Always kind of greyish and dreamy. Maybe because of the as always dirty windows.


  1. Ett härligt rum. Litet men högt i tak ser det ut att vara, så skulle jag också vilja ha det. Ofta tycker jag svenska sovrum är onödigt stora, onödigt så man samlar på sig saker som alls inte behöver vara i sovrummet.

    Fina bilder!

  2. Your room might be tiny, but I can already tell you have great taste - love that tiny shelf - and the chair.

  3. Jag gillade också det sovrummet från etc. Och det man ser av ditt sovrum också. Det ser fridfullt ut och full av känsla! :)

  4. Thank you so much for your compliments and for visiting and commenting!!