Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Thank you so much for your thoughts about books and magazines. When talking to my my brother he reminded me about how we, when teenagers, used to search our parents book shelves for something good to read. I want that for my kids too so I am putting them up again. At least now they are dust free.

When that decided I am crocheting like mad dizzy from the scent of Lilacs. Happy days!


  1. ah, what are you making? love the colour of your yarn.

    the lilacs have already flowered and gone here, even though it's so cold here. a weird spring we are having this year! :)

  2. I like these "two" lilacs !! And books on shelves as well !

  3. The fragrance of lilac is dizzying here too. There's one street in particular I walk down and I feel like I'm some heavenly daze!

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  5. You got that right Malo, about books!
    My mum gave us a fabulous present:
    She addicted us at the youngest age to... the PUBLIC LIBRARY! My brothers & i are the only ones i know to be graced by such an addiction, but it really is a fabulous one. It's free, it's easy, and i have a "flash" each time i go there. I still can't believe how lucky i am.
    But i do understand what you say about being kids and "exploring" your parent's library!
    Books books books...

  6. I love the image of you crocheting like made dizzy from the scent of flowers! Makes me smile.

  7. chrochet and lilacs - two of the loveliest things in the world.