Friday, October 16, 2009


This week on my bicycle ride to work it snowed. Today, grey skies and icy rain. This morning my four year old asked me why she had to wake up. It was so dark at 7 o clock in the morning she thought it was night. The garden is frozen and the forgotten tomatoes are lying bleak and cracked on the grass. Luckily I brought my chilli plants in several weeks ago. They are beautiful. Like small trees. I remember in febuary when we sow them. The two upper images are inspiration. The light and the greenery. It's time to bring the garden inside.
Hus och Hem
Stellan Herner


  1. Oh wow...your chili plants do look fantastic.
    I have to try that next year!
    Have a wonderful weekend...inside..;)

  2. The dark mornings and gray skies sound just too familiar here in Finland too. My jalopeno and habanero plants are nowhere near that big, even they are two years old. Jealous:)

  3. Oh I love that second image, I've always dreamed of a little porch with many windows so that I could grow lots of houseplants there:)

  4. Glass shelves and house plants in the window, such a nice touch. I would love to do that too :)

  5. i love the top photo. i have always love the idea of plants on shelves as an alternative to window coverings, although i have never done it!