Friday, October 22, 2010

5 years later

An  unvoluntary toilet seat study. I wanted to show the new sink and the drape hiding the dirty laundry. This bathroom was an unisolated cellar storage room when we moved here. My husband chopped the concrete floor and filled two truck platforms with gault before laying the limestone floor. We tiled and painted the walls, intalled a shower and a built-in tub. A couple of years later a laundry bench, the toilet seat and the washing machine. This week (five years since we started to use the shower) we suddenly found ourself buying this Bråviken sink combined with Grundtal legstand. It's a broad sink with two taps and according to the kids that's a sensation worth telling every visitor. "Come look, we have two taps". I don't blame them. I am bragging about it here. And I forgot to mention the new mirror. Sweet everyday luxury.


  1. this is gorgeous..and to think it had been a cellar room..WOW!!