Saturday, October 9, 2010


I can't seem to find the time to blog. To much other things to do, read, plan, create and think about. I miss it though. Both posting and visiting my favourite blogs. Anyway, October is here and around the house we are changing to warmer comforters, buying lots of candles, changing the light bulbs in our lamps, cooking chanterelles and lighting fires in the tile stove. Also enjoying our cats love of warmth. When the temperature falls outside and sun warm floors are long gone they come crawling into our beds. Purring. There is so much to love about Fall.


  1. REally love your october. It is so warm and it so good to have you here again!

  2. very curious about this changing light bulbs technique. which ones do you use from now on, then? lack of light is also an issue here (much milder than yours, I know, but still...)

  3. Came here through Ibb's place... this series is so beautiful, like the contrasts and the shades of autumn-colours. Lovely, made me smile! Thank you... enjoy your weekend!