Friday, May 29, 2009

first rose

It is friday and I wish you all a happy weekend. Before I go, the first rose in my garden burst (is that really the right word?) today. It's Nevada and I remember this from November. It's finally summer!!


  1. Japp - nu är det sommar! På riktigt! :)
    Så det där med kamonät är något som fler har använt, det var ju absolut effektfullt & fräckt!

    Trevlig helg på DIG söta!

  2. A beautiful picture...Here in NYC we have had roses maybe two weeks. But I am guessing this weekend and next will be the most crazy time for roses. I am defintely going to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and mabye the New York Botanical Garden too. Tomorrow I can not go because I have work--a photo shoot of a chef from american tv cooking show. And of course it is so good to be working but I will be looking out the window at the spring sunshine wondering what white roses are blooming around me.

  3. Nice.It is such a happy moment when a plant we have cared for flowers. I am not blessed with much of a green thumb, so I stick to succulents and low maintainance plants.

  4. Vilken lycka att ha rosor i trädgården!

  5. Elisabeth: Hejja solen!!
    Jim: Roses are pretty amazing - even if only looked at through a window. And I would die to visit your Botanical Gardens.
    Arya: Succulents are beautiful.
    Emmie: Ja, de ger mycket glädje de där buskarna.Kram!