Saturday, August 15, 2009


Baggu's Basic Penguin. Made of 100% organic cotton. Adorable.
Maybe good company for our own Pingu.


  1. Cute but not too cute. I like it.

  2. Very adorable daughter also likes! Thank you for your nice comment by the way...and if I ever make it to Stockholm, then I would love to take you up on the offer Would be lovely to meet you.

  3. I find them both equally cute. Penguins have that though, don't they?
    But, what I'm interested in is that bed. Is that at your home? I love it.

  4. very cute! my family has a thing for penguins, because my brother works in antarctica.

  5. OH! Did you know penguins are my favorite animal?! LOVE these!

  6. My son used to watch Pingu a lot.
    He BECAME Pingu, himself.
    He moved like Pingu, sounded like Pingu, acted like Pingu...
    Kind of tiring, even though I love Pingu myself.

  7. the seventy tree: I really hope you'll have the chance to visit some day!

    la ninja: Yes, the bed belongs to one of our children. Thank you!!

    nicola: That sounds so exciting. I can imagine your extra interest in penguins.

    MODsquad: There is something so incredible moving about penguins.

    Rebecka: :-) It sounds very cute and something to tell him about when he gets older.

  8. Very cute, now I want one :)