Friday, April 23, 2010

herbs and light

Do you have favourite spots in your home? I have many but if forced to choose I would say the view from my hallway when coming home. It's not much. But I love the light and the old oak parquet meeting the checked linoleum. Everything is old and worn and I love that. On the table, our herbs waiting for summer and outdoor life. If you like me are into herbs you'll find inspiration here
I wish you all a happy sunny weekend.


  1. Beautiful shots! Could be in a magazine!

    Happy Weekend, Malo!

  2. i also have many favorite places in our house!!! i understand, that you like the places on the pic - everything looks fantastic. like your home.

  3. me too, me too (me likey your housey :)

    I have many faves at the mo in mine 'cos it's all new (as in, new to me, I'm still discovering it, first spring spent here) but many more will come as years go by, I'm sure.

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  5. I love your view as you walk in through your door. xo

  6. Oh...! I love the idea of herbs having a permanent home on the coffee table!
    :) Jade