Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bruno Mathsson

We went to Kosta, Småland to see the row houses designed by Bruno Mathsson in 1955. Origianally they where built for the glassworkers. The houses were left to decay but a couple of years ago they were restored. In the restoration they collected pieces from all the houses to recreate one house to its original look.
Unfortunately, we didn't know that an inside showing had to be booked so we just had to lurch outside. My bad photos don't give this genious architect justice. I am so impressed and amazed by what a human being can accomplish. In every detail these houses are perfect.


  1. wow!!
    so beautiful!!
    have a nice week!!

  2. Thanks for this post... I didn't know this house !! I love the details, ceramics... Have a beautiful week !

  3. Nice house. The light fixture is beautiful.