Friday, June 26, 2009

in the mail!!

I got home today and was so happy to find this in the mail. It's a Wallpaper City Guide and two beautiful photographs by Kristina from No Penny For Them. She had a giveaway a couple of weeks ago celebrating her first vacation in years and I won!!! It was amazing to find this lovely parcel in the mail. Beautifully wrapped, a gorgeous card and the City Guide is fantastic. Now I am very eager to go to Venice but first I want to visit Berlin. If you visit Kristina's blog Mostly Berlin you will see why. Her photos and the way she describes her city is so very inspiring.
If you havn't already, make sure to visit Kristina:
No Penny For Them
Mostly Berlin
I love this blogging!!!


  1. You're back!! Yeah for us! Hope your holiday was lovely!!

    Happy Weekend!

  2. oh oh a gift in the mail that is as cool as a vacation. welcome back. and thanks for your comments. when is your b-day?

  3. ... i like her blog too !!! Happy you are back !

  4. what calm photos! i have that asian print in a scarf. beautiful! i love blogging too. it makes the world a smaller, more accessible place and i have found nothing but friendliness!

  5. she is so nice...and yes blogging is fun
    enjoy your weekend

  6. Congrats! Btw: what a beautiful wall color you have!

  7. What a generous package! And yes, there is something very exciting about receiving a goodie by mail...

    I agree, this blogging thing becomes sweeter and sweeter :)

  8. Anyone who's idea of a gift includes a reproduction print of a Hiroshige woodblock is OK by me. What a beautiful thing to find among the bills and junk mail.

  9. welome back malo! and i'm so glad you like the parcel. i love blogging too - and who would have thought - a couple of months i only had the vaguest idea about it...

    thanks also for your sweet words about my blogs - for some reason i'm having a lot of doubts about them recently, so this kind of feedback is just lovely.