Friday, June 5, 2009

garden plans

This weekend I plan to go to either Zetas or Ulriksdal for garden inspiration. I am going to buy some pelargoniums wich is a summer must to me. I also want to buy flowers for this year's porch pots. Usually I mix three different kinds of flowers in each pot but this year I want to group pots and plant one sort in each. Like in the last picture. The colors I am after this year is dark green (Ivy, Rosemary), purple and white. Maybe some pink too. I hope the visit to the garden centre will give me some surprising ideas. Have a happy weekend everyone!
Picture 1-3 Zetas
Picture 4-5 Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal
Picture 6 Sköna Hem


  1. Looking forward to see what you´ve bought. And I agree with you...pelargoniums are a must for me too.
    Have a great time, Jeannette

  2. I went to the sites for your pictures. Zetas looks like such an "idea". I want to go too!

    Usually here in the US garden centers are a bit more functional and less concept. Of course a gorgeous plant is a gorgeous plant regardless of where you might buy one.

    Wonder what you will end up buying once you see what is there and what is looking healthy and in bloom.

    Here I was going to go to Central Park tonight and to my local garden but it is raining just a little bit too much. Tomorrow to our Farmer's Market and sometimes they have very nice plants for sale.


  3. Oh, how I wish I had a garden! Since I live in an apartment with no balcony, the only "gardening" I do, is watering my houseplants. Love the pictures from Zetas.

  4. Oh boy, a girl with a patio here. SNIF. I wonder what you brought home!

  5. Nu föll jag brutalt för bilden på Zetas, men vi var på Ulriksdal för några veckor sedan & kände myset - så... näpp, jag förstår ditt angenäma bekymmer! :)